2nd Series Once Upon A Miao by Jian Goh aka Akiraceo

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Hi everyone!
on past early february Im so glad to know that Miao will publish his second book. I know it by searching on his first book and accidentally spot at "Author Collection" section and it shows ...
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then I jump to his second book page. but it said that will publish on February 28th, 2017. And so I sent a direct message to the author on instagram and he CONFIRMED that he will publish his second book but he was not sure the fixed date publishing.

Yay I dont know why I'm so happy to know there will be 2nd book of Miao though I must import it from Malaysia or buy direct to mph offline store when I visit Kuala Lumpur.

Finaly I have a chance come to Kuala Lumpur (again) to get this book before his 3rd book release :p (you can read my trip on next post). As usual I tell my friend first before arrival if we can catch up then. But when he know the reason I come to KL this time, he offer to get signed book for me cos Jian is his friend too. hahahaha I can't believe it omg so nice of him. He said that Miao come regularly to KL so he ask Miao' time to catch up to get my book signed (and his 2 book also).

Daniel and Miao manage to meet on 7/8 November 2017. And when the day is coming I'm so excited though cant see him in person cos my trip is on 10-12 November 2017 so sad TT3TT

Private book signing. Capture by Daniel. Thank You :D
Daniel send me that picture on instagram dm. Suddenly everything's turn out great hahaha. I never admire someone like this before or the right one is I never admire someone except my boyfriend :p

Got his sign and his hand drawn too yey yey thanks again :p
What's inside the book? Let's do a quick review . .
What's inside? His comic of course hahaha. Just kidding. Wait! though I'm just kidding or not the book contains his comic anyway. Okay skip this. Personally, after done read it 2 times, I prefer his vol.2 book. Compare with vol.1, the second one has detail on the graphic, especially background on every special page, and expression of each character more lively imo hehe. Okey next. The stories are more funny and different (of course). Well, he include family story too in the beginning but it less than vol.1, yaa maybe just complimentary cos I think vol.2 story is special for his friendship story. There are more  easy fresh jokes inside I like it. He know how to bring back old memories but feel so nowadays (Indonesian ppl said : kekinian) cos when I read it I only imagine nowadays background then a bit shocked when I see his old photo on Pg.108 haha I mean the surroundings not him :p Just realize that all of his class stories setting on that very retro class room. Okay that's all quick review from me. And the conclusion is vol.2 is better.

Spoiler alert!
Daniel said that Miao will release his 3rd book next mid year. Yeah don't too rush into print ya Miao. I need manage time to attend your book talk or maybe do a private book signing with Daniel again :p

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