Hello my name is Rizka Nugrahani just like the name of this blog. But I have many nickname such as Ririz, Rizka, Kaka, Ka, Ka A, Minchi, Wintercanary OR whatever you like. Yep, all these nickname are made by my close friends.

I really love drawing. since kindergarten I love it although just drawing typical kids masterpiece : 2 mountain with sun in between. But the more I grow up the more skill upgrade and start building relationship with 20s technology like computer so I start drawing via software such as paint, photoshop, coreldraw, illustrator, indesign. 3D Max, Blender, etc. And I am an autodidact person cos yea that's my hobby or people said that's my fate.

Then my interest, I am in love with JAPANESE CULTURE after Indonesia' of course ya teehee (I'm afraid getting killed if I'm not nationalists haha just kidding). I really love it cos they are unique, anti mainstream and full of innovation too.

I can play violin and piano but not in a expert mode yaa cos I'm only beginner. And all the time I love it when I sung the mellow song. singing the song "Indonesia Raya" that changed tempo and a bit on the slow mellow arrangement.. I'm still happy and amazed OR if the singer has a worst voice I'm still melted especially if coupled acoustic guitar or piano accompaniment oh I might evaporate into the air that can be inhaled and united in the soul. #tsaaahh.

I was very picky and eat depends on my mood. When I was in high school I had become vegetarian because I read the article that was collated for the task. But I can already eat meat again now, though the taste is not as good as first. But if you ask me my favourite food then my answers is NASI GORENG and CAP CAI of course. But no one can beat my own dishes if it is a CAP CAI. And I really really love HOT green tea btw.

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