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Deadline Therapy in KL-Malacca [Day 2]

11:25 PM

Saturday, August 22th 2015

I woke up at 5:00 am prepare my last day in KL. Our schedule was check out earlier at 8:00 am then went to Batu Cave first before Malacca. Ohya almost forgot, I had to made a refundable cash money deposit MYR 50 so we took back my money of course hahaha. Then I wait Daniel in Seven Eleven next to my hotel while had my lil breakfast w delice mochi. No need to wait long time Daniel was appeared cos his place is 15 minute drive to my hotel. So we moved to Batu Caves, our last attraction in Kuala Lumpur, another most wanted place.

Batu Caves was really amazing place. There was a Lord Murugan Statue welcome us covered w real gold and soo biggg about 140ft. It had 3 main caves featuring temples and Hindu shrines. But we only enter one cave so far by climbed up 272 stairs. It was easy cos I was a strong-wanna-be girl hahaha. Ohya cos that was a holy place for Hindu' so we might wear outfit modestly and act politely too. He was forgot to tell us to wear that stuff so we had to rent a shawl to cover our legs.

another tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur
頑張って!! One step closer!
No need took a long time we finally reach the main shrines. It was a big cave and had another stairs inside it. And of course we should climb these too but it was lil shorter than before. And fortunately there was a prayer activities and a gaijin like us could participate but I wouldn't did it.

Prayer activities inside the main cave level 1
Prayer activities level 2 (behind us)
Good news! I'm in good mood let's take some wefie~
Lord Hanuman statue near parking area

After that photo we went back to his car and continue our trip to Malacca. But this stormy belly wanna eat something delice than last night tehee so Daniel drive us to someplace food court look alike and we ordered same menu this time. Nasi ayam hainan (if I was not forgot) and a glass of tea (teh tarik) and our dish came w bone soup again. I don't know why local people always eat any dish accompany w bone soup. But you know what? the bone soup was perfect delice aahh but I couldn't eat any bone grease cos my body couldn't handle it hehe and nasi ayam hainan also taste delice >o< but it came w big portion so I couldn't finish it *again* but I swear it's super delice, the teh tarik taste good too aahhh I wanna cried when remember last night food hahaha.

After fill our belly then we head to Malacca. Need more than 2 hrs from KL in a really really straight boring street but don't be so worry cos many green tree accompany us all the way to Malacca. And she had her deep sleep but I was not able to do that cos I was sit next to the driver. It is my own life-rule that I forbade my self in any condition for careless, sleepy or something endanger our safety while driving or sit next to driver. When we touched Malacca Daniel told me some story of Malacca that actually made by Indonesian named Parameswara (Muhamad Iskandar Syah) but Malaysia has their own version about it included the other version of Hang Tuah and many more. I love talking about history.

Then we were arrive in the center of Malacca. Yeah Daniel ever said that will be full of people on weekend and it was true teehee but however I wanna visit Malacca. Vintage atmosphere felt cos many old building still stand sturdily. Malacca is a multicultural and multiracial town. You will found different style of their buildings in the town square from Portuguese - Dutch - Malaysia [imo] Daniel explained the story but I can't clearly remember tehee. And a fountain in front of Christ Church was remind me to some fairytale movies that makes your wish come true by drop some coin into fountain water hahaha.

Queen Victoria's Fountain
Then we had lil walk to antoher red building w cute trishaw standby waiting for tourist. So cute huh? >o< I thought that Malacca had only flowered trishaw but a character trishaw dominate town square in fact lil weird but cute :p. and one more thing, they had super loud speaker w top100 billboard chart music play.

Melacca cute trishaw
Daniel found this hole in the wall and asked me to pose in that hole. Enjoy this weird pose huh? :p But why the hole was only one in left side of stairs? Ohh too curious nobody answer me =3=

Then we head to a hill where the old church located. In the middle walk we met some tourist group w their guide tell some stories about that church which originally built at 1521 and many explanation of that church,

St. Paul Church
And the most interesting view beside the church was Selat Melaka, city buildings and the tower. Hope this view still exist in the following years. I mean no more tall building cover up this best view.

Selat Melaka view from St. Paul Church 
We continued our lil journey to Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum cos I know this place after the other blogger reviewed this place. The some stories and their diorama told the stories of Malacca. There also many traditional clothes of Malaysia. Like common museum with many interesting object inside.
Melaka Sultanate Palace (Museum).
Entrance fee MYR 5 for gaijin (read : foreigner)
Ohya there was a gardern in front of Museum. I wanna go inside but the garden was so quiet I don't know why. Maybe because since it was a forbidden garden hahaha but they were in a tourist attraction the forbidden just a name lor. Yeah but I didn't go inside hehee

The forbidden garden in front of Melaka Sultanate Palace
Then Daniel brought us to some Malacca famous cake but because of a long queue, we decided to have a break at Starbucks with a regular cup of green tea frapuccino (me)

this mural - wall painting remind me when I was in high school,
I always do wall painting at school but
they was only 3x2m, smaller than this mural of course
Malacca River featuring Casa Del Rio Hotel.
My favorite photo so far. The best photo taken by me

And what we forgot? Yea we totally forgot what we gonna do.
I really wanna try that boat T3T

Somewhere in Malacca. I love this picture btw :p
Our last hours in Malacca was busy bought many souvenirs at Jonker Street. One of famous street where many local sell many stuff about Malacca. And if you run out of money here you can easily found a store who accept visa or mastercard yay! *a personal reason teehee* but of course w min.order yaa, The Jonker Gallery for example. They accept International Card with minimum purchase MYR 50.

But I'm so sorry no photo taken in this hours cos yeah you know we too busy w our own business and I was too tired (bad mood also sih :p) but HAPPY :D. I just worry about him cos he was the one who drive us direct to airport at midnight in a super tired condition then of course I was stay awake cos of my own life-rule. Finally, I was very thankful to Daniel. without his big help we never had such a fun and spectacular journey in 2 days! 2 DAYS ONLY!! AWESOME!!! I supposed to give him a souvenir from my country but it was left out in my house T3T too baaddd so sorry hiks next journey I'll make sure not forgot that kinda thing to my friends.

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