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Deadline Therapy in KL-Malacca [Day 1]

9:15 PM

Friday, 21 August 2015

I had planned this trip a few months ago because I know there are some deadlines there are some jobs that will happen to me just like the annual work deadlines (that's why I always name this kinda trip w deadline therapy :p). My trip destination this time is Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. Why should I do therapy deadline abroad? Cos there were promo package and Malaysia is closest and trip-able for a 2 real day therapy deadline. Okay, I should have this therapy with my boy-friend but Suddenly he had a work-deal in somewhere so he couldn't accompany me in this trip. So saadd :'( But suddenly a shopkeeper of movie rent next to my base camp office wanna join me. Yayy! Still sad cos he can not go with me and made she replace his position while I was in KL-Malacca. It's okay calm down Ka!

my first photo in KLIA2

First Day in Kuala Lumpur was really funny. I mean REALLY really FUNNY. After we arrived in KLIA2 we decided to find a TOILET. I felt dizzy cos I was in my healing sickness process. Then we go ahead to arrival hall looking for DIGI counter. yea my plan was change my sim card so I could get connected with my friend in KL (and of course w homeland friends too). Yea this was very important cos he will be my big helper in this trip. After got a new sim card then we fill our stormy belly at Burger King. Let's skip this till my belly was full >> Then to catch the time I finally take KLIA Express cos they could reach KL Sentral in 30 minutes (1 hr by bus) Ohya while we wait our train suddenly there was a man approached me cos he from Indonesia too. A good looking 26yo man and still single (probably haha) named Lucky (pronounced as Luki). A very talkactive, funny and our big helper too and I like him. We share our trip experience all the way. He was very familiar with KL cos he always had his transit here. He teach me how to buy train ticket by machine and show me direction to hotel. Chit-chat again and suddenly we separated in Dang Wangi just like water and oil *hiks* cos he just wanna went to KLCC in his short transit time. Then as his direction I head to Bukit Nanas connecting station and take monorail to Titiwangsa but in the end of his direction he warn me that he was NOT SURE about this direction hahaha and he said that if I meet a gate that make me put in token then I was in wrong direction! And walla~ I totally in a wrong station God Damn It!! Confused confused! And of course ask her opinion was a big fault cos she always has no idea to go she just follow me wherever I go. Okay looking for officer and God Thank You! He checked my token and give me the right one head to Titiwangsa. Okay I went back to Masjid Jamek station and switch train to Titiwangsa. But in the middle my way to Titiwangsa, Daniel (my friend in KL) text me that I can stop in PWTC cos my Hotel is near from there. Okay better listen to a local people hahaha. Then I have no idea to go but suddenly I got vision that want me to open GPS! That's what I'm thought about thanks DIGI :p Okay type : Hotel Kita. And walla~ Daniel was right just 4 minute walks (not 4 minute in real I swear). Step by step I remember this place cos I use google street before many thanks to technology.

direction by google maps
Hotel Kita, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Picture source :

Okay it's 4:00 pm out of my schedule. Then I told Daniel that I arrive at hotel so he can go to my place and head to somewhere. We went to Batu Caves on my first day properly but we changed schedule and finally He bring us to Tugu Negara at first. Woa that's cool place for a national monument which surrounded by green park part of Perdana Lake Garden. Daniel explained every place we visit like my history teacher hahaha but I really enjoy it cos I like historical building and its story.

I love selfie but moody in some condition.
this scene for example~

After sightseeing in Tugu Negara we moved to Perdana Lake Garden. I amazed with this city which still have beauty large park in a city center. So we had a little walk around the park. And we took some picture here yeah this park is my mood booster.

Local artist paint for KLOBS 2015. かわいい  ❤
I like it!  ❤
I like it too! Uhmm I mean that tree were so cute  ❤
Perdana Lake Garden had many collection of plants. If you are a plant lover like me I recommend you to visit this place not in a short time cos this place is so bigg to explore less than 2 hrs.

We walk there to there I never getting tired to do a walk like this. Actually I wanna took a lot of selfie here but I couldn't cos she always made me busy took her photos that was why I looked not in a good mood these day. Well that pictures was taken at 6:00 pm and it was look brighter than 6:00 pm in Indonesia hahaha I thought it was 4:00 pm. But suddenly it was darker and darker and hungry. Wait! Darker and hungry? don't explain your self like that Ka cos you always totally cute and adorable but still hungry :'3

Okay next Daniel drive us to Merdeka Square; another historical place in KL and KLCG located but unfortunately they were closed so we just took some pic in front of their letter sign. You know what? I don't wanna go home tehee there so many light around Merdeka Square. Daniel said it always like this in some occasion such as Malaysia' Independence Day next week (August 31th).

I wanna cried saw those light tehee so beautiful 
this building was uhmm *I forgot sorry*
hashtag : #typicaltourist

Then as the schedule we head to the most wanted and iconic building in KL. Petronas Twin Towers. But first we have to park his car at somewhere in Petaling street. And walk to the venue by train yayy I love public transportation in here but I was not afraid to got missdirection anymore cos I was with Daniel this time. He was like my older brother he so kind and always understand this strong-wanna-be girl :p

crossing Petaling Street and head to KLCC.
two different photo location in front of same building :p
hashtag : #typicaltourist

Okay Ka how about your belly? Ohya almost forgot uhmm but I really totally forgot when we were had dinner. was it before or after we went to KLCC? No need to remember it cos I really don't like the taste. we had a street food. Usually I like street food taste but not that time. I ordered Nasi Goreng Pattaya as Daniel suggest cos he said "sedap". It came cute cos the nasi goreng was wrapped by scrambled egg but I swear the taste was not cute as it looked and it also came w bone soup ahh I wanna cried eat this stuff then I was not finish my food. Uhm just realize that almost men always said what they eat is yummy.

And KLCC was the end of our trip on my first day. Let us back to hotel and had a nice sleep cos he warn us to wake up early tomorrow so we can go to batu caves.


see next day : Mni Journey : Deadline Therapy in KL-Malacca [Day 2]

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