Once Upon A Miao by Jian Goh aka Akiraceo

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I knew this book from my friend in KL. He said that he wanna show me a book after he know that I am a art-worker. But unfortunately he totally forgot to bring me that book when we were on a trip to Melaka. But don't be so disappointed because at least he told me the title of that book by Jian Goh aka Akiraceo (I spell it as C-E-O but the right word is K-Y-O hahaha sorry my bad) So is that a book he wanna show me? A comic book based on his miscellaneous experience in his whole life (maybe yaa coz I write this post before my book arrive in my house) on white-yellow with protagonist figure in a cat and his friends on the cover. Basically I love yellow and  cat but that's not the fascination of it that finally make me wanna buy that cute book. 

I'm in love at first read on his blog post : "Why No One Listens to the Photographer?" Dunno why that post make me more kepo[1] to his blog. I dive in to his blog and the header was direct me to the one that I know sell his book online and offer a overseas shipping.

Okay let's take a look at Once Upon a Miao: Stories from the Other Side of Malaysia on sale at RM 27.92 (I got 10% off and I use my new user promo-code 20% :p) and they offer free shipping but not overseas of course. Ship to my country cost RM 35.30 + handling fee RM 3.53. So total I bought this book with RM 66.75.

And finally I buy it ! What a Cat!
But why overseas shipping always be like this? T3T
maybe it will arrive in my house when his book release hahaha lebay[2]

[update October 1st, 2015]
Got letter from post office on my work table at home which turns out that my orders have arrived and can be taken immediately. Yeah my order which mean Miao book!! Yay I'm so happy! can't wait to pick it up tomorrow. Ohya I have to pay about IDR 7.700 or equals to ± MYR 2,2 for repacking service.

[update October 2nd, 2015]
Okay Miao book has been officially belongs to me. I couldn't bear to tear the plastic wrap actually but I must read that book so I did it.

see? I got 2 bookmarks tehee
what a lucky girl!

[update October 4th, 2015]
In this book, he write his experience with his gang in majority that happen in his beloved hometown, Kuching located in Borneo, other side of Malaysia called Sarawak. Kuching means cat in english maybe cos they have many cat statue in the city center tehee. He had story about his family too for ± 94 pages *half book actually* but why I think the gang story is dominated this book haha maybe cos they have more funny and enjoyable story than his fams cos my fams life is like *almost* same with him hahaha not much different though I just have 1 older brother and I not a big fans of noodle. And also I have a typical Chinese dad too just like his dad who "doesn't like with something that doesn't make much money". I'm a art-worker as my main job and my dad forbade me to be art-worker at first but nowadays he doesn't care what I do anymore tehee he looks like give up on his stubborn daughter because . . . wait what? why I'm telling my fams life, Okay back to the topic . . .

This book is one of his dream realization. One of my favorite part is story with his popular-kid-in-class friend, Mus. Yea there so many favorite part with the gang like "The King Game" (167) I never play that game before so maybe it will be in my list when I hangout with my friends. Many stories in this book remind me when I was at his age did many crazy thing with gang and didn't afraid of anything hahaha.

I never get bored read his book *3 times in 2 days* though there're some flat stories tehee but it's okay Miao is too cute to be ignored. So if you a comic fans; a person who like to draw; have a typical chinese dad; or miss the day with your buddies, you can make this book as your reminder so let it be in you books collection. I hope it will be available in Indonesia soon cos my friends also interest with this kinda book. But wait . . . lemme take a selfie :p

while waiting the chef prepare my dish

Dinner w Miao at Pazzo Pancake. いただきます~

Dessert time! w Miao too :p
Ps : Sorry for the picture.
Forgot to bring my camera in bag. Maiku! T3T

Uhm you know Ka? I heard that he will have a booktalk and book signing in KL this 17-18 October. Maiku! I want it too please doodle in my book. Too bad *but still good sih* my job is full till this end of year. Can't leave it more than 1 day T3T

[1] Kepo : Knowing Every Particular Object
[2] Lebay : Overacting

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