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Fullcolour is The Best

11:49 PM

I never set up design in duotone cos I love colour. But suddenly someone asked me to do a packaging design for his one of micro business. The name is Amazing Pizza. Never try this one of course hehe.

Wallaa . . I depressed at first time. I never did something like this. He asked for duotone design but I done a total fullcolour one! He asked for separate color also. Duh! Super duper woper confused. This job (separate color for offset) is not a designer job *imo*. Asked everybody already but no one gave me inspiration but suddenly I had a vission like a thunder in a sunny day hahaha

And here it is duotone as requested then as requested again I separate it into magenta and black for offset purpose. Fyi, for easier process later you must replace color to CMYK so if you need duotone then you have to replace to C-M, C-Y, C-K and others at least it's not a blend of color. So the right one is just a preview not a final color this time duotone I set to M-K cos  it was easier just replace red to magenta hahaha :p
Why duotone?
Because it much cheaper than fullcolor in offset. In Indonesia, people care about price. I mean they want the cheapest one for quantities. So they have no need to increase selling price because of an expensive packaging. Yeah I hope buyers don't have same mind w me cos I really care about packaging and the product quality. The price is no problem for me a least the product have good quality and packaging design (sure my life is from this kinda thing without it I'm useless :p)

So, it's cute in fullcolour right? But anyway thanks to you who make me have more experience in packaging and offset-ing hehehe without you I will never realise that I can did this work. I wish your business grow faster. Wise man said, there is a will there is a way. ありがとう  T3T

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