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I'm so Happy!! Indonesia was held a super amazing great online sale at year end as usual which often name as HARBOLNAS (Hari Belanja Online Nasional) on 10-12 December 2015. There were so many participant over 140 Indonesia e-commerce. They had their own rule of sale each shop. And one of shop I saw that they increase price first and cut it off on purpose so it looked discounted price. Old trick I knew it.

Then checked out my credit card promo and it said that I can BELANJA GRATIS (shopping for free) with it. No kidding? Of course! They offered a free voucher IDR 120.000 for min. purchase IDR 120.000 hahaha I thought owner was crazy that day *sorry* I never face this kinda sale before it was free I mean FREE. As sale hunter like me that opportunity was super rare, I could not miss this kinda thing. I looked for things that I need more than just a crazy shopaholic (but trust me I'm not a shopaholic). was not a fashion online shop but it was more like a mommy-kids-house online shop. You still found an outfit for sale but that's for pregnant women tehee and outfit for kiddo available here too was too cute I could not handle it T3T I will buy them soon when I have kid already. But don't be so worry about it. Bilna sell cosmetics, treatment for head to toe, house hold, food ingredients, and decorations and . . . many more just check out their website.

Actually there were two voucher that available for me as a line user and a Mandiri credit card holder. But I only use Mandiri voucher. Line voucher was unable to use cos it had maximum user already. Yeah each voucher had maximum user each day but line was only for 12 December 2015. I have many strategy to use that voucher include stay awake at midnight (over 00:00 am). But when I checkout and type that code my account bank balance was not enough wth I forgot safe my money at bank this month. Hopeless after all this sacrifice I've done I couldn't use it T3T Okay I was so sleepy, my sight trouble lately and sensitive body. See how much I really want it? hahaha too overacting yah :p

Then next morning I tried to repeat my activity use line voucher and fail cos they were on their maximum capacity =3= okay no need to cry cos at least I can use Mandiri voucher 2 times :p Cheated of course *sorry again* buy w different account cos 1 code for 1 account :D

First thing I bought was BB Cream by Canmake and second one was face powder by Coverderm. Handling and shipping process was normal to my first order. It arrived to my house 3 days cos I bought it at 10th December. But the second one was so slow maybe caused by overload of order I dont know. Okay here it is ...

CANMAKE Perfect Serum BB Cream Light 02

Actual Price : IDR 188.000 
Brand Discount : 30%
Use Voucher : IDR 120.600
+ Shipping IDR 16.000
Total IDR 27.600

cos BB cream is face powder perfect match tehee~

COVERDERM Face Powder Camouflage Finishing (25gr)
coming soon . . . still waiting for the package~
[Update] I got call by inform that the product was notavailable to ship cos out of stock. They asked me to choose a refund or coupon bur I haven't choose yet. Huhu So sad T3T

[Update] I finally call and asked about my order. They offered 2 options : Wait for the product or refund money + refund voucher. Of course I choose second option tehee I'm not checked my bank account yet but they give me voucher 125K with no minimum order!! Then I used it for bought some tupperware collections.

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