Postcrossing Snail Mail Swap Newbie!

11:31 PM

Dear friends around the world!!
I'm on right now. YAY!!. Postcrossing is a website that provides automatic swap mail among strangers around the world. I knew this website few days ago because I found some picture on instagram about swap mail and snail mail. I think I have interest to this kinda thing since I don't have any new year resolution so I think that's not so bad.

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I'm so excited with this lil project hahaha so I wanna sent a postcard as much as I can to random people. But I don't know all of my first batch are come from Russia. All of them. Okay it doesn't matter. Let's start writing something . . .

Uhm what I'm about to write on postcard to stranger. I don't know where to start, what I wanna talk about. So I do a cheat by surfing on google. Hmm so it's a public topic or a common platitude to strangers. Okay okay I got a lil vision. Ohya on postcrossing you have to write on your profile what your interest to make the upcoming sender feel easier to write about something on their first mail. My 5 mail receiver wanna be also have their own interest. So if someone love nature then I'll send a mail with nature picture, nature tourism object in my country or something with nature thing. If someone love to learn language so I'll teach them with some slang language used by common Indonesian tehee pretty cool ya.

Ohyea beside on a postcrossing, I also do a direct swap / snail mail. if you have interest please leave a comment or kindly send me an email first with :
1) Your name and full address
2) Your interest or anything about you

If possible I will send some of my country thing like tea, coffee, traditional instant drink, stationary things, etc or anything you request but all is back to my economical condition since I have another daily needed. But I will always do my best to have a longlast penpals around the world. Let's do some swap!! :D

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