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[Part I] March 13 : Pagoda Avalokitesvara Buddhagaya Watugong

3:47 PM

I had a one day trip again on Sunday, March 13 2016 and my travel partner was different from the old one. His name is Muchamad Maskhur but you can call him "Cure" (pronounced as K-Y-U-R)  but trust me he can cure anything wkwkwk :p

Okay our first destination was a famous and iconic vihara in my hometown. Local people call it Vihara Watugong. Pagoda Avalokitesvara Buddhagaya Watugong is a worship place for Buddhist. But if you guys wanna have a short visit you still able to enter this place cos it's open for public but  please don't make any noises and I suggest you to dress modesty to respect worshiper. You don't have to pay entrance ticket cos it's free but make sure you put some voluntary donation while exit the building. 

I love colorful building cos its always bring some cheerful in my eyes.
Btw this is the best Photo taken by me [imo]

This was what happened when you have a lil  smartphone gadget to snap
your pic from short to mid distance. 

You can enter this pagoda to make a pray and you will see
a Buddha statue covered with gold look alike and many goddess statue .

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