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[Part II] March 13 : Candi Gedong Songo & snacking at Pondok Kopi

9:33 PM

After had lots of photos at Pagoda Avalokitesvara Buddhagaya Watugong, we head to Bandungan. Second destination is Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti but because we missed lots of miles then we decided to go to Candi Gedong Songo.

When we reach pasar Bandungan, the air felt different. It was cold but in a hot sunshine. Yeah cos it was ...... meters above sea level (I don't know fix number :p) So if you reach this place in the morning you can feel the very very cold refreshing air. This second place was not free. We must paid ticket for about IDR 7,5K for a local. 

Okay Gedong Songo. Songo means nine in English but the temple not exactly nine cos several temple was became ruins. We walked in a long tracks to reach every temple. So tired cos I was not a mountain climber but it was paid by the amazing scenery. Ohh psst if you were about to give up climb up or down to entrance you can ride horse! Don't worry for a naughty horse cos you will accompanied by expert horse guide :D I never take this option cos I heard that cost much money :p

So excited after 1 year didn't see this place >o<

He took a selfie but I saw him looks like searching for signal :p
Lovely place with lovely talent too (Oops I mean the horses :p)
Found this extremely amazing house in a small area
with minimalist design and a pool!! Future House!!
Ohh before head to Pondok Kopi after Gedong Songo we dropped in a Bandungan traditional market to buy some avocado (my favorite fruit) for about IDR 14k/Kg after he bargained with the lady boss. Thank you mr. bargain :D

After that we down to Pondok Kopi. The most wanted place he wanna visit. But I think you should go there before Gedong Songo cos if you go after Gedong Songo you will get lots of disappointing. I thought that Gedong Songo was more beautiful than Pondok Kopi that made us not to take lots of wefie. Just had a snack and went back to home.

this was what we eat at Pondok Kopi just a lil snack
cos we just had lunch at gedong songo

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